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Promoting Democratic Governance, Human Rights and Independent Media

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October 12, 2019

Since  May 2013, Somali Family Services (SFS)  established and managed Radio Sahan, a public affairs community radio station that provides balanced news, information and entertainment. Radio Sahan is designed to empower, promote and enhance women, men and youth in Somalia exercise democratic governance; mutual accountability in both solutions and problems; transparency in public affairs; responsive government; service delivery; shared power; distributed power; anti-corruption; independent media; freedom of expression; human rights; women political participation; engaging next generation to reach one person one vote. The program empowers and educates citizens to take a note of autocracy; concentrated power; ruling by secret; controlled power; culture of blame, culture of fear and miss trust between communities and their government.

Its broadcasting programs target marginalized groups of Somalia’s society, including pastoral nomads, women and youth. In the 6 years that Radio Sahan has been operational, it has been on the forefront in raising the voices of the citizens in the issues that they care such as democratic governance in Somalia through the empowerment of citizens and strengthening of individual and civic organizations’ capacity to demand for political accountability and respect of human rights. Radio Sahan advocates for the rights of citizens and raised awareness to address their basic needs of civic education, service delivery and political participation. Radio Sahan further introduced new programs and held forums providing platforms for community members and government officials to discuss issues. The topics varied from security, human rights, gender equality, problems affecting youth, education, health, democracy, transparency and accountability among others.

Our Strategic Partners

*** Diakonia Sweden.
*** National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
*** United Nation High Commission for Refugees.
***Save the Children.
*** Relief International.
*** CARE International.
*** ADRA.
*** United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).
*** International Labor Organization (ILO).
*** United Nation for Somalia (UNSOM).
*** UNFPA.
*** Books for Africa.
*** Education Development Center (EDC).
*** Counterpart Internationa.l
*** Puntland Library and Resource Center
*** Radio



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