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SFS calls for peaceful election, peaceful political transition and calmness

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December 27, 2013

Immediate Press Release
Date: Dec 25, 2013
Contact: Abdurashid Ali, Executive Director of Somali Family Services
Contact:, 252907794761

Somali Family Services (SFS) has been working in Puntland for the last 8 years in promoting democratic development, education and human rights, media and peace building. Hence, January 8, 2014 is in the corner and as you know, Puntland State of Somalia is electing its fifth president and vice president.  As strategic stakeholder in state and nation building in Somali in general and more specific to Puntland we express in our position the following statements considering ongoing political and election process:

1.    Somali family Services is calling upon the people of Puntland and all stakeholders to work jointly to keep peace and tranquility among themselves and to prevent crisis that may be caused by the ongoing election process. Puntland are all one and should not be divided by elections.

2.    The government is required and has to conduct free, fair elections and it should not use public funds and public properties to campaign. The government should show leadership and responsibilities while conducting the election on 8th January 2014. The people of Puntland require an election that represents their will. The security chiefs and other law enforcement agents are also required to maintain peace and order.

3.    We appeal to all presidential aspirants to exercise leadership and get rid of anything that results to chaos and violence including bad language, negative messages …etc and also make sure they judge the action of their supporters if any, to be responsible. We need to be warned about the effect of violence and evacuating our people due to post election crisis.

4.    We also appeal to the titled an untitled traditional elder to take their role to intervene situations and processes. All Puntlanders are watching the decisions made by the elders in resolving the controversies that befall within the leaders. The elders are required to exercise their knowledge and wisdom to come up with the fairest decisions that will guide every process in this election.

5.    Those who seek to be Members of Parliament must not involve in doing harm and should get rid of working or sponsoring negatives. They should refrain from promoting indifferences that never existed between clans, traditional elders and Puntlanders.

6.    Every member of the community is responsible for his/her part in promoting peace within Puntland in order to enhance the existing unity. It is essential for everyone to take part and engage in working on and keeping peace and tranquility among Puntlanders.

7.    We also take this opportunity to remind all those people in Puntland who are involved in the election process that many eyes are watching you and we assure that anyone who engages in harm will account for his/her actions.

8.    Garowe city belongs to all Puntlanders and no one can claim ownership of a city or any other in the region when it is shared by all. Therefore, no one should feel that he/she does not belong to Garowe or any other town in Puntland.

9.    Finally, working and promoting peace is the work of all people of Puntland wherever they are in the region. Everyone should know and be aware that those who engage in doing harm and negatives will surely haunt them back.

Somali Family Services envisions a peaceful, democratic Somalia in which all citizens have a meaningful voice in their government and the opportunity to thrive. It is committed to fostering peace and democratic institutions through its support for civil society, youth, women and other marginalized groups. SFS provides the space for and facilitates dialogue among Somalis of all backgrounds, building bridges and trust between different communities and stakeholders.


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