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SFS in partnership with CARE and CISCO Corporation to educate the Somali youth of the ICT networked economy of Puntland and the larger Somalia

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February 28, 2014

Education is a global equalizer. With education, people and communities in Puntland and larger Somalia can become self sufficient and prosper.

Our Education and Skills Institute vision of changing the way people/youth work, live, play, and learn. Demand for skilled workers to design, build, maintain, and secure computer networks is increasing as the Internet of Everything grows. Our investment in ICT education is opening doors to new jobs and entrepreneurial ventures, and strengthening Puntland local limited economy. CARE to support ICT skills education through the Cisco Networking Academy program and partner with Cisco Corporation and Somali Family Services (SFS) who have expertise in ICT education and an understanding of local needs and culture.

We plan to reach to more than 480 students annually through the Networking Academy program. In partnership with schools, vocational education and training institutions (TVETs), universities, and other organizations involved in SYLI and youth vocational Life skills training, this program prepares students for entry-level jobs in ICT fields, furthers their education, and allows them to earn globally recognized Cisco certifications. It also creates a skilled pool of networking professionals for the industry to draw from. SFS in partnership with CARE plans to solicit internship placement for the Academy graduates with both public, private sectors, LNGOs and INGOs.

The Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative education initiative that delivers information and communication technology skills to improve career and economic opportunities in Puntland and in larger Somalia. The Cisco Networking Academy’s flagship course CCNA (Cisco certified Networking Associate) and also CCNP(Cisco Certified Networking Professional) which comprises of modules on the principles and practice of designing, building, and maintaining networks capable of supporting local and international organizations. The Networking Academy is in line with needs of the Somali communities, and features hands-on, project-driven training in high-demand job skills. It incorporates an E-Learning System that includes multimedia curricula, online testing, performance-based skills assessment, and classroom management through a Web interface facilitated by Cisco trained instructors

Cisco Networking Academy Certifications

The Cisco certifications are highly respected by employers around the world and help validate the skills needed to launch successful careers in networking and ICT. Networking Academy courses are designed to help students prepare for the following certifications and career paths:
Cisco Networking Academy Courses & Certifications 

Our courses are designed to help students prepare for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education, and globally recognized certifications. Each course is supported by classroom instruction, online assessments, hands-on labs, and interactive learning tools to help students succeed.


Our Strategic Partners

*** Diakonia Sweden.
*** National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
*** United Nation High Commission for Refugees.
***Save the Children.
*** Relief International.
*** CARE International.
*** ADRA.
*** United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).
*** International Labor Organization (ILO).
*** United Nation for Somalia (UNSOM).
*** UNFPA.
*** Books for Africa.
*** Education Development Center (EDC).
*** Counterpart Internationa.l
*** Puntland Library and Resource Center
*** Radio



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